Your first Functional Medicine consultation - 90 minutes

Prior to your first consultation you will be sent a confirmation email with the details of the appointment and a 3 day nutrition and lifestyle diary. You will also be sent a link to complete your health and lifestyle history forms from the Living Matrix™, a Functional Medicine information system.

Please complete and return the forms and the diary at least 48 hours prior to the appointment. It is crucial for me to have the right information prior to seeing you in person so that we can use our time together in the most effective way possible.

Follow-up consultations- 45 minutes

At our follow-up consultations every 4-6 weeks we will review your symptoms and check your progress, discuss any results from the Functional Medicine tests we have run and refine the personalised health plan we created together. Follow-up consultations usually last 60 minutes in the more intensive phase of the plan, reducing to 45 minutes later on.

Follow-up consultations can be arranged via Skype/Zoom if necessary.