80% of cardiovascular deaths under 75 are preventable with lifestyle changes. Would you like to take proactive steps to assess your cardiometabolic risk now and future-proof your health?

Dr Nina Fuller-Shavel, Functional Medicine Practitioner, and her team of nutrition and health coaching professionals are running a joint Cardiometabolic Health Clinic . We thoroughly assess your cardiovascular and metabolic health markers through extensive blood tests, conduct a full health history and lifestyle evaluation and design a comprehensive programme to optimise your health and manage cardiometabolic risk. 

Programme details

Step 1: Review and choose your cardiometabolic testing level, confirm package fees and book an appointment by emailing cardiometabolic@synthesisnutrition.com. You are also very welcome to book an appointment having completed your cholesterol or blood sugar tests at your GP practice.

Step 2: Prior to the appointment, complete the test in the kit sent out to you with our mobile phlebotomist’s assistance (where necessary) and pre-consultation questionnaires.

Step 3: Attend the initial appointment with Dr Fuller-Shavel to go over the test results and your health history and lifestyle analysis to receive a comprehensive personalised lifestyle and nutrition programme.

Step 4: Commence your 3-month programme with regular check-ins and follow-ups from our nutritionists and health coaches.

Step 5: Complete your 3-month programme with a final session from Dr Nina Fuller-Shavel to review your progress and receive a health maintenance programme aimed at optimising your long-term health and wellbeing (with a repeat cardiometabolic test if desired).


Please contact the clinic to enquire about package costs.

Cardiometabolic test pricing is below and these include the mobile phlebotomy fee where necessary (timed at your convenience):